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Sandsaver™ was installed on one of Gulf of Mexico’s intracoastal water ways with extremely little surf and was capable of rebuilding a beach after significant hurricane devestation and providing protection and reduction against additional erosion issues!

The Gulf of Mexico is a premier destination area of interest for a wide variety of tourists, travelers, and vacationers. Boasting an extensive shoreline that stretches for almost 3,500 miles, lining the United States and Mexico coasts in a beautiful and awe-inspiring manner. This vast geographical region is not only a place of stunning beauty, but also facilitates numerous commercial activities that include swanky hotels, sumptuous resorts, vibrant restaurants, and much more. These provide limitless opportunities for leisure and adventure, giving visitors a chance to explore and enjoy the many unique features of this vital site. Regularly, states and municipalities in the region have undertaken several beach re-nourishment initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to preserving its pristine beauty and unique character. By mitigating erosion risks and protecting the Gulf’s diverse ecosystem, all stakeholders hope to ensure a future of steady growth and prosperity for generations to come.  Unfortunately, the traditionally accepted practices of dredging, groynes, coastal armoring and sea walls continue to cost more and more each year, while providing extremely temporary results.  


Sandsaver installation- gulf of Mexico

In August 2019, a private property owner was granted permission to install Sandsaver modules on an intracoastal waterway situated along the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane devestation. The installation involved placing approximately 75 feet of Sandsaver modules between an existing breakwater and a private pier. The location of the property on the intracoastal waterway resulted in minimal surf, even during high tide, with the surf height typically measuring less than 6 inches. Consequently, the unique circumstances of low surf conditions necessitated careful consideration and strategic placement of the Sandsaver modules in effort to protect the existing beach and rebuild the beach surface.  

Sandsaver Installation
Sandsaver installation in the Gulf of Mexico

Each Sandsaver™ module was filled with 1 yard of concrete and put into position using heavy equipment.  Due to the threat of storms and hurricanes in the area, it was imperative that concrete was used as a ballast material for weighing down the blocks, as the intracoastal surf wasn’t a particular threat.  

Sandsavers installed in Gulf of Mexico

After the implementation of the beach erosion solution in the Gulf of Mexico, the process of sand being carried by the surf activity to the beach side of the modules commenced. Gradually, a discernible quantity of sand began to accumulate on a daily basis. Approximately 10 weeks later, it was noted that approximately 50% of the modules were almost completely covered on the beach side of the Sandsaver™. Furthermore, substantial evidence of sand accumulation was also present on the surf side of the modules. The beach erosion solution was already exhibiting promising outcomes in terms of reconstructing the beachfront area and safeguarding the limited existing shoreline.

Sandsaver modules nearing halfway covered

The Sandsave™ modules are true champions when it comes to battling the forces of nature. Since their installation, they have been steadily accumulating sand on both sides, proving their effectiveness time and time again. These modules have faced numerous tropical storms and spin-off storms from hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and they have come out on top every single time.

Normally, these storms would wreak havoc on beachfront locations, causing erosion and destruction. But not when the Sandsaver is in place. In fact, these storms have only served to showcase the incredible power of the Sandsaver system. Instead of losing sand, the modules have actually managed to increase sand accumulation during these stormy periods.

Just take a look at the image below from August 2020 and the Sandsaver Gulf of Mexico Beach Erosion Solution Photo Gallery below. You’ll see the remarkable transformation that these barriers have brought to the beach. From installation to the present, the Sandsaver has proven itself as the ultimate solution to beach erosion.

Current Gulf of Mexico Sandsaver

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution Gulf of Mexico Photogallery

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